Pembroke Log Cabin Quilters Guild 

2021-22 BOM "Warmth of Our Stars"

Video 1 & 3 below. Videos 2 and 4 to 6 have link to Facebook. NOTE Correction Below Video 5/6. All available on Facebook.

  1. ONLY share this link with other members, do NOT post anywhere. This page does NOT have a live link in our website, this helps with privacy as the pattern being used is copyright protected. Please REGISTER with Wendy at: to join this Block Of the Month (BOM) project and let her know if you do not have Facebook. IF you have any issues contact BOM Lead, Dawna at
  2. The video(s) on our Facebook can be accessed by going to the videos section. You will be notified when we record live. Watch Dawna live and ask questions in the chat during the demo. Try NOT to ask questions about "pattern measurements" as these are considered copyright. The recording is saved on Facebook so you can watch any time. If you do not have Facebook, a link for the videos will be posted on this page for you to download or when registering you can ask for a download link via email.

  3. There is no charge to register, we just want to make sure everyone participating receives updates, reminders, and has access to the pattern and video info. We will only contact people who have registered.

  4. Help beyond the video will also be available at the Guild Saturday Sew Days, Silver Threads Friday Quilting (must be a member of Silver Threads to go) and by emailing Dawna directly.

  5. To get the whole pattern you can go to and purchase the whole pattern digitally for $9.99 or wait for each month and we will email you Donna’s instructions when the video is published. The pattern is called Warmth of our Stars. There are 6 parts to making this quilt.

  6. SCHEDULE: The Facebook live recording will be done every month on the day before our guild meetings. That way if you have any comments or concerns you can let us know right away at the meeting. The scheduled times for each month's release will be as follows: Mon Oct 18 at 10:30am, Mon Nov 15 at 1:30pm, Dec no block released so you can catch up if needed, Mon Jan 17 at 1:30pm, Mon Feb 14 at 1:30 pm & the last one will be Mon Mar 14 at 1:30.

To Buy the pattern from Quilting Daily - cost $9.99 U.S.


This stellar quilt was designed by Scott Flanigan to feature classic blocks with pre-cut flannel fabrics. You’ll love how simple and fun it is to construct. This quilt can be made with cotton but if you choose to use flannel, you MUST use quilting quality flannel if using flannel. This pattern was a 6 part series in a magazine.

PART 1 - September

VIDEO 1 Download (~6 min)

The link above will take you to a cloud site where you will choose to "download" the video from the cloud to your computer/device. In part 1, Dawna will walk you through making the first block. (It can take a few minutes to download).

OR watch on Facebook

PART 2 - October

VIDEO 2 Facebook Link (~6 min)

In part 2, Dawna will walk you through making the flying geese - full area becomes 24" square. Video is about 6 minutes long. (It can take a few minutes to download).

OR watch on Facebook

PART 3 - November/December

VIDEO 3 Download (~6 min)

The link above will download .mp4 video file directly to your computer. In part 3, Dawna will walk you through making the double stars.

OR watch on Facebook


BOM Quilt #5 &#6 - We discovered a common mistake that many of us are making when putting together the last blocks. The previous picture is wrong, the 2nd picture (above) is correct. The blocks circled in blue are upside down, and need to be rotated 180 degrees. There should be only one coloured 2 1/2” square touching the log cabin block.

OR watch on Facebook

Dawna Steele - Flannelette

One Done

Dawna has already done the pattern in flannelette and will be doing the BOM demos with cotton fabric. Yep, she'll have two quilt tops.