Pembroke Log Cabin Quilters Guild 
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Companion Quilters of Deep River

Due to Covid restrictions within our meeting place, gatherings continue to be on hold. As restrictions are lifted you should expect to need double vaccinations in order to attend. Gatherings are usually every second Tuesday from 1 to 3 pm starting the 1st Tuesday of Jan, none Jul & Aug, restart Sep.
Cost is $2 per meeting and at least one snack sign-up.

All are welcome, bring your crafts , enjoy the company and a snack(we take turns hosting and bringing snacks)


Parish Hall at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, 33110C Hwy.17 East, Deep River
2021 Aug 12 Gathering Update

1. Meeting capacity for our hall is: 13 people (using tables & chairs) or 20 people if spaced out on single chairs. This is to maintain physical distancing of 6 ft.

2. The kitchen will be off-limits except for the purpose of water for clean-up, etc. No food or beverage preparation is permitted at this time.... rules may change soon.

3. The hall will be set up (tables & chairs sanitized) before your group arrives - we must leave the hall set up when finished in order for our caretaker to sanitize the tables & chairs before storage.
4. To assist us with 'contact tracing' in the event of illness, we require your group to submit a list of attendees to the parish office after each meeting. (This can be emailed to the office or dropped into the mail slot after your meeting.)
7. Please understand that the parish hall will be open so long as conditions permit... we must reserve the right to close the hall to groups if necessary.


Hosting/Snack Duty & Sign Up Schedule

DUTIES: Brink fresh milk, 10% half and half creamer and snack of your choice (plan for 25 people). Arrive early, check the thermostat settings, take supplies out of cupboard and start the coffee, set up the tables. Make the coffee, tea, and lay out the goods. Wash dishes and stay after to ensure everything cleaned and put away, heat setting back to original, lights out, and door locked.

Schedule: The schedule is a sign up sheet (Sep to Jun). Whatever date(s) you pick, be sure to put in your calendar. Two people sign up per date. If you can't make it, call your partner on the schedule and arrange a replacement.

A Wonderful Quilting Story

Piece by Piece Quilters Post
My faith in humanity grows all the more. I went to mail a quilt to one of the survivors in Canada and as I went to mail it, they gave me custom form to fill out, which I did.
As they were quoting me the cost to ship (2 day priority with tracking), I hesitated when the quote was $46.50. "Really..." was my response.
"That's the least expensive?"
I hesitated again, thinking of the cost of the next one we'll be sending out and what I should include in it... Suddenly, there was a $50 being put in front of me, by a young man behind me. "Here, I'll trade you. You pay for mine, I'll pay for yours ( his by the way was $2.60). At first I refused, trying to explain why I was hesitating. That I had another package I'd be sending soon, trying to figure that additional cost. He told me I hesitated twice. That means I needed to have him help.
The nice thing additionally, was that i got to explain about the project (he'd never known), and meet him (John L). I gave him a hug and wished him so much love and gratitude for his "gift". He concluded that he'd made the best trade of the day... bless his heart.
Vanessa, it's mailed out.