Pembroke Log Cabin Quilters Guild 
Donating Makes You Feel Good and Lets Others Know Someone Cares Enough To Share

The Gift of Giving

Want to share your work, make a project with purpose...? There are many organizations that can use your work to touch the lives of others including hospitals, Senior residences, and shelters. Maybe you don't have time to make a quilt, how about placemats? Here are a few places to get you started...

See our 2022-23 Quilt Donations - 48 lap quilts and 14 twin size quilts

It's Made!

Have no fear, if you make something there is someone who will have a happier day, just because you care enough to give.

Local Quilt Guilds are a great resource for who could benefit from your treasures. They often sponsor "sew days" where you can give your time and use donated fabric.

Victoria's Quilts

For those living with cancer. See their web for details. Must be durable with no embellishments. Sizes: adult ~ 50” x 70”; youth 40” x 60” and child ~ 30” x 50”

Our contact is the Renfrew Chapter

Bernadette McCann House

" to work for change that will end abuse by providing safety, support and education to all those who experience abuse." Includes local shelter that welcomes all size quilts.


Each hospital has different needs and often take donations through a Quilt Guild or member organization. Needs can are often specific (100% cotton, pre-shrunk,...) so find out first. Items may include:

  1. Face Masks; Scrub Hats; Scrubs

  2. NICU Baby Quilts (24" x 24')

  3. and much more....

Meals on Wheels

For those receiving meals. Want to make a quick fun gift, how about a placemat. Size: 12 to 14" wide by 16 to 20" long. A quick Google search will provide many sewing options.

Contact your local Meals on Wheels for where to submit donations (or your local Quilt Guild can help)


Local shelters are often looking for quilts, homemade toys, or just something to cheer up their resident guests - adults and children. A Google search or your local Quilt Guild can connect you to find out about needs and specifications.