Pembroke Log Cabin Quilters GuildĀ 
Thieves at Work

Scam Notice

Don't Let Them Use Us

One of our Guild members received a SCAM email message in 2021 January using information from our web-page and/or Facebook sites. They used this information to make themselves look credible and asked for gift vouchers for veterans in Hospice. This Guild has NOT sponsored any such drive. We support many local organizations in the making of quilts, placemats and other fabric goods and gladly accept donations of fabric and supplies. As always, be careful in this electronic world and verify, verify, verify. Scammers can be well organized and so so believable.
Check out the anti-fraud government sites. Report suspicious emails, phone calls, and letters. Keep your information safe.

Scammers are Global

Never give your personal identification or password information to unverified persons or email addresses or phone callers.


They want access to your money or your identify to get money you will then be expected to repay. Verify, verify, verify.

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